Towny checkpoints:

Consider the halo 1 race gametype in multiplayer

there is globally 1 checkpoint for all online players, once the checkpoint has been passed by a player, a new checkpoint is to be created, and the race begins again. It will be on a loop, and there is no end to this game. scores will be counted

how do players know where to go?

A command will intitiate and fire trail that lasts a few seconds, this can be executed at any time.

Players may be able to purchase, win or find a compass which points in the nearest direction.

why will players use this?

because there will be rewards for each checkpoint passed, and rewards for weekly high scores.

Players interested in pvp can also set ambushes, and find other players expecting to PvP.

server benefits

player retention

$ off PvP ranks and kits

$ off tools for player advantages


Will this be played just at spawn, Just in towny or both?

how can players be informed of this gametype

how generous will the rewards be?