created by players, placed by admin and only builders well trusted.

There should be different builds for separate specific biomes. loot should be placed inside chests.

these builds will be protected from griefing and block destruction, however door, chests, switches and all else can be used by anyone.

when a player walks inside the area of these builds, a gui should appear (in chat?) telling players the danger level, the reward and the name of the build. once a player has found the location a warp will be accessible to them. Loot inside the chest should be replenished each week, randomly. once a large amount of the playerbase has found the build, it can be moved by admin, and the warp reset.

possible ways to make money:

players can purchase a compass to point to certain warps

players can purchase loot chest keys (principal from terraria)


promotes wandering

in game parkour and mob bosses

player retention

extra loot for players


should be players be allowed to grief these builds

should warps be implemented

Do you believe the idea will benifit the server