Custom Item

GUI: Blaze Rod (enchanted)

usage: Can unlocked a single standard locked chest, by any player.



Silent (players will not know who has unlocked the chest) - cannot be mixed with announcement

Soulbound (will remain with the player if they die)

knockback (can push another player back 3 or 4 blocks, will deal no damage)

Ultra (player will be able to unlock up to 5 chests, within two seconds ater initial use.


Shoutout (users with this item in their inventory with have a "!" prefix in their name)

poison (will poison users when used)

fire (will set players on fire when used)

announcement (<username> has used wand on <victims> chest in global chat)

with no mods in place, the victim will receive a message saying who has raided their chest. a Player can only be raided every 30 minutes, unless ultra has been used.